JG Danso

(she/her) is a Black cis-woman, who was born in London and now lives in Vienna Austria.
JG calls herself ‘queer’ because she connects with people romantically based on fun, mutual respect and how kind they are. The gender or sex of a person is not important.
JG loves to play with words. Words are a very important way to share stories, feelings and experiences. This is why JG works as communities poet at the queer community café Villa Vida in Vienna. She is also Chair of an Association called Hint Wien which organises intersectional queer centered storytelling initiatives.
JG has several jobs. Sometimes she teaches Human Rights, Anti-discrimination and Equality at a university; sometimes she works in human resources and every day she is mother to three kids. JG likes to laugh loudly, if you visit Villa Vida Café, 
you might hear her.